Paddy Echo & Mackenzy Mackay


Endeavour Live and Profanity are proud to present two future stars in our favourite haunt; Whammy Bar!


Alt-pop solo artist, Paddy Echo, returns to release his brand new single, ‘The View, a swirling, indie-synth pop take on heartbreak and loss. After a two year hiatus, Paddy Echo’s, ‘The View,’ is the first step of his forthcoming EP due to be released later this year. It marks the beginning of a new era in his music.

Having spent the start of 2020 in LA writing and recording with the likes of Matias Mora (CYN, Broods), Barkley (ASHE) and Phil Scully (Diplo, Major Lazer, ZAYN), Paddy returned to New Zealand with an emphatic new sound and energy that will get anyone singing along.

‘The View’ features co-writes from New Zealand pop music front-runners Will Thomas (Sachi), Harper Finn and PJ Shepherd, and tackles the anguish and suffering of a friendship that was cut short. Opening with delicate chords and a nostalgic, flowing melody, ‘The View’ gradually builds to a chorus that will shatter any dance floor.

The accompanying music video captures the hazy aesthetic of his time in California and dives into the journey of friendship, happiness and ultimately, heartbreak.


With a box of Yorkshire tea and his notepad, singer and songwriter Mackenzy Mackay takes a step back from the fast lane of London.  He moves to New Zealand to finally finish and release his own original music... 

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