Channel Tres (DJ Set) & Special Guests | Spring City Afterparty

November 26, 2022

Sweat Shop Brew Kitchen


Channel Tres

Spring City revellers can kick on at Sweatshop Brew Kitchen, with a very special DJ Set from Compton resident CHANNEL TRES.

Check out his new single “6am” and get ready to be chanting"We ain’t leaving”at the more reasonable closing hour of 3am.


In just a few short years, Compton's Channel Tres has achieved something few artists even set out to do: He created a lane for himself. House music may be experiencing a mainstream resurgence, with Drake and Beyonce performing their takes on the genre, but Channel Tres is a proven leader in the space—he’s ahead of the curve.

For Channel, music is about reconnecting with his own history, whether it’s in his lyrics, or through the influences and musical history he uncovers in his productions. “My dad is from Chicago," explains Channel of how he first arrived at dance music. "House music was created there, and over time the music got lost in translation. So, when I studied it and I saw that it was African-American people and Latinos and the LGBTQ community I got really inspired by it.” As a producer, Channel has a preternatural ability to absorb his musical influences and create something new.

Channel Tres

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