Messie | 2nd Show



After a breakout opening set for Fred Again and a long run of shows throughout New Zealand, Wellington-based DJ MESSIE, aka Tessa Hills, is the latest DJ to take Aotearoa’s electronic dance music scene to filthy new levels. Hand-picked by Fred again to open for his surprise Coroglen Tavern show in NZ in March 2024, the Gisborne born-and-bred DJ developed a fast friendship with Fred, leading the UK electronic producer/DJ sensation to fly her out to Perth to open for his biggest show to date in front of 35,000 people - even stepping in to help her gain access to an urgent last minute passport grant to get across the ditch.

Growing up in small town Gisborne immersed in all-inclusive skateboarding and band culture as a former drummer, MESSIE’s passion for drumming was the pipeline for her falling in love with genres like Garage, Breakbeat, and Jungle. She has since expanded her sound and it’s safe to say each set will keep you guessing what will come next as she effortlessly merges genres such as Baile Funk, Ghetto Tech, Jersey Club, Juke, Afro beat inspired drums, Techno and many more global club soundscapes that encompass her high energy DJ sets. 

MESSIE’s sets are guaranteed to be bootleg heavy with something for everyone as she draws from her own music taste of rap and grime, to early 2000’s singalongs, girl-boss anthems and queer music culture in the form of edits you’d never expect. Inspired by the likes of established queer and wahine DJ’s including Lady Shaka, Miley Serious, SHERELLE, Nia Archives, Half Queen, and Hurricane Emily, the latter who was a mentor to MESSIE as a part of her community DJ workshops, MESSIE is already well on her way to becoming one of the countries most in demand selectors - and it’s only going to get messier.


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