No Cigar + Cassie Henderson

February 4, 2021

Whammy Bar


Endeavour Live is proud to present the best of live music, in an iconic venue, once a month! First up for 2021 is NO CIGAR

NO CIGAR is what you get when a group of mates, with a shared love of songwriting, religiously escape reality to create sounds together. Their music, which expresses a deep sense of storytelling, draws from a vast array of influences. Each performance is a journey guaranteed to envelop you in romanticism, to the ever-evolving backdrop of a thumping sonic experience.

Characterised by elements of alternative, folk, and indie rock, they also utilise hip hop and groove-based rhythms with some psychedelic undertones to keep your feet moving and your shoulders rolling. This is a band that keeps you guessing, all the while pulling you deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole.

With support from Cassie Henderson performing a special solo set.

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